The Sperry Warranty Request(RMA)!

The Warranty Request(RMA) process lets our customers return manufacturer defective products. Submitting this form allows us to begin an evaluation process of the malfunctioning product. Please be advised, we may require pictures to verify the age and condition of the product. In some rare cases video recording of the product in the midst of the malfunction may also be required.

Warranty information can be found HERE!

To start the Warranty Request(RMA) process you’ll need each of these things listed below, these are the same questions on the Warranty Request(RMA) FORM***. All of these items are required to process a return request. Each product must be purchased by an authorized Gardner Bender distributor.

(Name:) Your Name!
(Company:) If you don’t have a company put your last name!
(Address, City, State, Postal Code, Country:) Where you live!
(Phone #, Email:) Leave a way to contact you!
(Purchas Order #:) If you don’t have one use your last name!
(Part #, Quantity:) Part identification!
(Reason for Return, Purchase Date:) Another form of Part identification!

All of the things listed above are required to start the Warranty Return process.

Once you submit this form the Warranty Request(RMA) process begins and the following steps are taken:

– We evaluate the request and in some cases request more information. Please be advised, we may require pictures to verify the age and condition of the product. In some rare cases video recording of the product in the midst of the malfunction may also be required.

– After the initial evaluation process is complete, we enter the information into our database and generate a return form that has all of the required information to return the product to us.

– Once we received the product we determine if the product should be covered under warranty.

– Depending on what we find we will contact you and let you know if either the warranty was approved or not.

– If the warranty was approved we will submit a warranty order and issue a replacement.

Warranty Request(RMA) can be submitted HERE***

What is the Sperry Instruments warranty?


Sperry Instruments
Digital Multimeters carry a 5 year limited warranty.
Analog Multimeters carry a 1 year limited warranty.
Sperry Clamp Meters carry a limited lifetime warranty.
Sperry Specialty testers carry a 1 year warranty.
Most Sperry probe testers carry a limited lifetime warranty.
Sperry Voice-Data-Video products carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Limited means that Sperry Instruments warrants to the original purchasers of products from Sperry Instruments authorized distributors at the time of shipment such products shall be free of defects in material and workmanship while the tool is used under normal working conditions.  Standard wear and tear, dulling over time, overloading, misuse, and acts of God are not covered under warranty. This warranty does not cover batteries, fuses, or test leads.

When a warranty claim arises, the purchaser must contact GardnerBender. If the defect comes under the terms of this limited warranty, Sperry Instruments will arrange , at its sole discretion, one of the following options:

-Product will be replaced

The purchaser is solely responsible for determining the suitability of Sperry products for the purchaser’s use or resale, or for incorporating them into articles or using them in the purchaser’s applications. The distributor is authorized to extend the foregoing limited warranty to its original purchasers in connection with the sales of Sperry products, provided that such products shall not have been altered by the distributor. The distributor shall be fully responsible for any warranties the distributor makes to its purchasers which are broader or more extensive than Sperry’s limited warranty.

Lifetime Warranty
Warranty Limitation: The forgoing warranties are exclusive and are in lieu of all other express and implied warranties whatsoever, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The foregoing warranties do not cover ordinary wear and tear, abuse, misuse, overloading, alterations, products which have not been installed, operated or maintained in accordance with Sperry’s written instructions. Test leads, fuses, and batteries are not covered under any implied warranty. “Lifetime” of products that are no longer offered by Sperry will be either repaired or replaced with an item of Sperry Instruments choice of similar value. Lifetime is defined as 5 years after Sperry discontinued manufacturing the product, but the warranty period shall be at least ten years from date of purchase. Original proof of purchase is required to establish original ownership of product.

No warranty will be honored unless an invoice or other proof of purchase date is provided to Sperry Instruments. Hand written receipts or invoices will not be honored.

All questions or concerns regarding our warranty should be forwarded to GardnerBender & Sperry Instruments EMAIL!

RMA Shipping & Item Inspection

Directions: All shipping and packaging instructions are located on the RMA return form. All returns must be sent back with a copy of the RMA return form or the RMA number otherwise they will be rejected.

Cost: When returning a product Sperry Instruments does NOT pay for return shipping. The customer pays for shipping the unit to Sperry Instruments and we pay for the return shipping of the unit back to customer.

Return Exceptions: This highly depends on the unit in question. Depending on the product we may request photos of the unit. If the pictures that you send give us sufficient information we may waive the need to send the broken unit back.  If enough evidence is gathered, we may deem it appropriate to just send a replacement.

Smaller items like our analog or digital multi meters are a different story. They are smaller and are less expensive to ship back to us.

Return process explanation: When you return a product to us for a warranty replacement we don’t just throw the unit in the garbage and dispose of it. Depending on the product we may inspect everything ranging from end user issues all the way back to engineering design. Quality is key.

For more information on the Sperry Instruments warranty and return process please follow the link HERE!

My outlet/GCFI tester shows all 3 lights lit, what does that mean?

Normally when you see this, the first thing that you will want to check is all of the connections on the back of the receptacle, and if all of those are tight, then the receptacle before that one on the circuit.

– Many times when you see this, there is a loose neutral connection on the receptacle.

– You will also want to make sure that you do not have any other appliances or electronic devices plugged in on the circuit. Sometimes components inside of these products can create feedback or leakage to another wire that will give these types of testers problems.

– Plugging into a 12V DC to 120V AC converter will also have this issue.

If none of these steps resolve the issue, then we recommend that a licensed professional examine the situation for you.

CT6101 Continuity Tester.

This is a standard continuity tester with a light that indicates that you have continuity. You’ll want to make sure that you turn the power off on whatever circuit or wiring you’re using it on. To install the batteries in this tester you will need to remove the battery cover. The cover is located at the rear of the unit; it’s the strain relief that connects the wire test lead to the body of the tester. This is the small, black, cone shaped plastic part at the end of the tester. You will need to turn this part to the left in order to take it off. It takes two triple AAA batteries and has a pocket clip for easy storage.

What are the different combinations/color codes on my outlet/GFCI tester and what do they mean?

Sometimes these marking can be hard to read, below you’ll find the exact indicator and fault measurements along with what they mean.

Indicator Fault
0ff 0n(amber) 0ff Open Ground
0ff 0ff 0n(amber) Open Neutral
0ff 0ff 0ff Open Hot
0n(red) 0ff 0n(amber) Hot/Ground Reversed
0n(red) 0n(amber) 0ff Hot/Neutral Reversed
0ff 0n(amber) 0n(amber) Correct

Open Ground: This means that the ground wire is loose or has not been properly connected.

Open Neutral: This means that the neutral wire is loose or has not been properly connected.

Open Hot: This means that the hot wire is loose or has not been properly connected.

Hot / Ground Rev: This means that the ground and the hot wires are reversed or shorted somewhere in the circuit.

Hot / Neutral Rev: This means that the hot and neutral wires are reversed or shorted somewhere in the circuit.

I clamp my clamp meter around a power cord from my appliance, but I am not getting any voltage or current measurement. What is wrong with the tester?

Nothing!  A clamp meter will only measure the current flowing through the wire, not the voltage.  So a clamp meter will never be able to give you a voltage reading from the clamp section of the meter.  You would still have to use your test leads to take a voltage measurement.

As for the current, you need to separate the three wires in thh appliance cord.  A clamp meter will only give you a reading when you are around a single conductor of the cord.  So with the hot and neutral of the cord both inside of the clamp, there will be no reading.  With just the hot or just the neutral, you will get a reading.

We do offer an accessory, the E1 Line Splitter, that helps with this.  This allows you to plug your appliance in on one side, and plug the other side into your receptacle.  From here you can take an exact measurement, one that will be multiplied by 10, and you can use your test probes from your meter to test the voltage going to that appliance through the Volt Check holes in the top of the unit.

Do we sell replacement fuses, batteries, or test leads for multimeters?

No, we do not stock or sell replacement fuses, batteries, or test leads for the meters. 

Batteries can be purchased almost any where so we do not stock replacements.

Most meter test leads can be purchased through Del City

If the unit is in need of repair, contact Transcat for closest locations.