This tool is much like the ET64220 but with a much stronger tone to help deal with interference. This unit does not come with multiple adapters for your basic end-user applications and is geared more towards the pro side. The transmitter has three different distinctive tones you can choose from alone with a continuity test that lights up an LED when continuity is found. The receiver has a volume control dial and a button to press when searching for tone. It also has a light near the tip to indicate its find the signal from the transmitter if the sound is set low.

Each unit operates using two 9volt batteries. The battery cover on the receiver is located on the back of the rubber handle and is held on with one screw. The transmitter’s battery cover is located on the back of the unit. The clip on the back of the transmitter is the battery cover and it is held in place by 2 screws. These batteries can only be placed in the tool one way, so a diagram isn’t needed but one is on each unit to show where the batteries are located.


The Wire Tracker is a wire tracer with multiple adapters for different wire tracing applications. It comes with a transmitter that holds all of the adaptors and a receiver that fits tightly into the case of the transmitter. Using the tool is very easy; open the back to access one of the many adaptors. Pick the one that best suits your application and connect it to the desired wire location. Flip the unit over and you’ll see a small black button on the front, once you hit that button a light will begin to flash at the button of the unit. The light indicates that the transmitter is now continuously sending out a signal for the receiver to find.

In order to operate the receiver; adjust the volume control on the top of the unit for your desired sound level. After you’ve adjusted the volume you’ll find there is a button located behind the volume dial. While holding that button down, hover the receiver over one of the transmitters many adjustments. You should be able to hear a tone depending on how loud you set the receiver for.

This tool uses two different styles of batteries; one set of four LR44’s for the receiver and one set of two AAA’s for the transmitter. The transmitters cover is located under the adaptors on the back of the transmitter. Turn the transmitter over and push the adaptors to the side, you’ll notice a small black tab. Remove the tab and insert the batteries positive side first.

The receiver’s batteries are located at the end of the handle. The battery cover has the type of battery and the direction that the batteries are supposed to be installed engraved on its face. With the tool in your dominant hand use your thumb to push the cover away from you and it should slide off. Once the cover is off insert the batteries per the covers instructions and replace the cover.