First time I used my continuity tester, the bulb went bad. What happened?

Most likely they were testing a live circuit. Continuity testers are designed to test UNENERGIZED circuits. The bulbs in these testers are only rated for around 3 volts. If you hook this up to a live circuit in your house, you just put 120 volts through the bulb and that is why it blew out.

Can the new CS61200AS circuit breaker finder accessory kit be used with the older circuit breaker finder kits like the CS-500A, CS-550A, or CS-600?

No. Due to the changes in the design of the housing, we do not recommend using the new accessory kit with the older style breaker finder kits. The CS61200 transmitter that plugs into the accessory kit has a different molding shape and it clicks into the accessory adaptor. The older kits have a flat front to them that will not fully sit in the accessory kit. This will leave parts of the metal prongs for the transmitter exposed and could potentially cause a shock hazard for the user. The accessory kit for the older breaker finder kits has been discontinued with no replacement.

CS61200 On/Off Button Guard

If you find yourself having trouble keeping the CS61200 turned off while in your tool bag. Than this simple fix may be the trick you’ve been looking for. In the below picture you’ll see the CS61200 and you’ll notice something a little different. One of our customers attached two o-rings to the front of the unit guarding the on/off button. This keeps the unit from turning itself on while in your tool bag.


The Hold Function

On many of our Sperry meters there is a hold button that will freeze the screen, holding the information of the last reading you took. When this option is in use, there is a small letter “H” displayed on the screen. This allows you to write down the reading without having to hold the test leads in place.

If you’re having trouble taking readings and the readings on the screen do not change, look for the H. This may be your problem. In other cases it’s due to a low battery, which causes the meter to give faulty readings.


PSI8031 – This is a Phase Sequence and Open Phase Indicator, it’s designed to verify proper if there is an open phase in 3-phase motor application. This unit does not require a battery to operate, but a live circuit.

If the indicator lights are on than there is no open phase and the rotating disc will move. If one of the lights doesn’t come in the rotating disc will not move and it will indicate an open phase.