This is your basic GFCI outlet tester that checks to make sure that your outlets electrical wiring is correct. This unit also has a button on it that will test your outlets GFCI to make sure it functions correctly. We have a standard video in our video section that explains how to use this unit. This unit does not require batteries to operate, but a live circuit.

My outlet/GCFI tester shows all 3 lights lit, what does that mean?

Normally when you see this, the first thing that you will want to check is all of the connections on the back of the receptacle, and if all of those are tight, then the receptacle before that one on the circuit.

– Many times when you see this, there is a loose neutral connection on the receptacle.

– You will also want to make sure that you do not have any other appliances or electronic devices plugged in on the circuit. Sometimes components inside of these products can create feedback or leakage to another wire that will give these types of testers problems.

– Plugging into a 12V DC to 120V AC converter will also have this issue.

If none of these steps resolve the issue, then we recommend that a licensed professional examine the situation for you.